DGtal release 0.4 is available

We are pleased to announce that the release 0.4 of the DGtal library is available for download.

Here you have a copy of the ChangeLog:

  • Global changes:
    • A better decomposition of DGtal algorithms and
      data structures into packages.
    • By default, DGtal is built with minimal dependencies.
    • Concepts and concept checking mechanism have been
      considerably improved.
  • Kernel Package: refactoring of Integer types considered in DGtal.
  • Topology Package: Interpixel/cellular topological models, boundary tracking tools, …
  • Geometry Package: many things have been added in the 1D contour analysis module:
    • multi-modal representation of 1D contours and curves (GridCurve facade)
    • decomposition/segmentation into primitives,
    • many differential estimators added, helpers for multigrid comparison of estimators
    • multigrid digital set generators from implicit and parametric shapes in dimension 2.
  • I/O Package: refactoring/enhancements of DGtal boards and viewers, enhancement of 2D boards with libcairo and a new Board3Dto2D board has been added.
  • Tools: multigrid shapeGenerator/contourGenerator added, lengthEstimator/estimatorComparator added for differential estimator multigrid comparison, connected components extraction in 3D, …
  • Documentation: User guide has been improved thanks to a decomposition of the library into packages.
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