Dear all, DGtal developers are proud to announce the release 0.7 of DGtal and DGtalTools. The library as been considerably improved with many new features (digital plane recognition algorithms, fast principal curvature estimators, better image containers to handle very large data sets, better design of geometrical primitives, new viewer/import/export features, to mention few of them). Beside these new cool features, many efforts have been done to consolidate the existing code to make it more robust and faster. Please have a look to the (impressive) Changlogs (links below). Since the project is still evolving fast, this release may break some code you wrote based on DGtal. The API changes are limited but exist (Viewer3D, geometrical primitives,…). In most situations, only one or two lines of code have to be updated. If you have any trouble, do not hesitate to contact us. If your are not familiar with DGtal, it is a project focusing on developing generic, efficient and reliable digital geometry data structures, algorithms and tools. It takes the form of an open-source C++ library (DGtal), and a set of tools and binaries (DGtalTools). DGtal is a collaborative effort from members of the Digital Geometry community, if you want to be involved in or if you have any suggestions, please contact us. In addition to the library for developers, we would like to insist on the DGtalTools project which contains a lot of user oriented command lines tools (multigrid comparison of differential estimators, 3D viewers, shape generators, object/shape metrics, volumetric tools, file format converters…). - Websites: * (DGtal) * (DGtalTools) - Changes: * * Sincerely yours, DGtal/DGtalTools Editorial Board