DGtal::HyperRectImage< THyperRectDomain, TValue > Class Template Reference

#include <HyperRectImage.h>

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Public Member Functions

 HyperRectImage (const typename THyperRectDomain::PointType &aPointA, const typename THyperRectDomain::PointType &aPointB)
 ~HyperRectImage ()
void selfDisplay (std::ostream &out) const
bool isValid () const

Protected Attributes

THyperRectDomain myDomain
std::vector< TValue > myImageMap

Private Member Functions

HyperRectImageoperator= (const HyperRectImage &other)

Detailed Description

template<class THyperRectDomain, typename TValue>
class DGtal::HyperRectImage< THyperRectDomain, TValue >

Description of class 'HyperRectImage'


ajouter un parametre template avec le Container (vector, map, ..) et faire des specialisations spécifiques des iterateurs.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<class THyperRectDomain , typename T >
DGtal::HyperRectImage< THyperRectDomain, T >::HyperRectImage ( const typename THyperRectDomain::PointType &  aPointA,
const typename THyperRectDomain::PointType &  aPointB 
) [inline]
template<class THyperRectDomain , typename T >
DGtal::HyperRectImage< THyperRectDomain, T >::~HyperRectImage (  )  [inline]


Member Function Documentation

template<class THyperRectDomain , typename T >
bool DGtal::HyperRectImage< THyperRectDomain, T >::isValid (  )  const [inline]

Checks the validity/consistency of the object.

'true' if the object is valid, 'false' otherwise.
template<class THyperRectDomain, typename TValue>
HyperRectImage& DGtal::HyperRectImage< THyperRectDomain, TValue >::operator= ( const HyperRectImage< THyperRectDomain, TValue > &  other  )  [private]

Image Container.


other the object to copy.
a reference on 'this'. Forbidden by default.
template<class THyperRectDomain , typename T >
void DGtal::HyperRectImage< THyperRectDomain, T >::selfDisplay ( std::ostream &  out  )  const [inline]

Writes/Displays the object on an output stream.

out the output stream where the object is written.

Member Data Documentation

template<class THyperRectDomain, typename TValue>
THyperRectDomain DGtal::HyperRectImage< THyperRectDomain, TValue >::myDomain [protected]
template<class THyperRectDomain, typename TValue>
std::vector<TValue> DGtal::HyperRectImage< THyperRectDomain, TValue >::myImageMap [protected]

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