LibBoard::Color Member List

This is the complete list of members for LibBoard::Color, including all inherited members.
_alphaLibBoard::Color [private]
_blueLibBoard::Color [private]
_greenLibBoard::Color [private]
_redLibBoard::Color [private]
alpha(unsigned char alpha)LibBoard::Color [inline]
alpha() const LibBoard::Color [inline]
AquaLibBoard::Color [static]
BlackLibBoard::Color [static]
BlueLibBoard::Color [static]
blue(unsigned char blue)LibBoard::Color [inline]
blue() const LibBoard::Color [inline]
Color(const unsigned int rgb, unsigned char alpha=255)LibBoard::Color
Color(unsigned char red, unsigned char green, unsigned char blue, unsigned char alpha=255)LibBoard::Color [inline]
Color(unsigned char gray, unsigned char alpha=255)LibBoard::Color [inline]
Color(const bool valid=true)LibBoard::Color [inline]
CyanLibBoard::Color [static]
flushPostscript(std::ostream &) const LibBoard::Color
GrayLibBoard::Color [static]
green(unsigned char green)LibBoard::Color [inline]
green() const LibBoard::Color [inline]
GreenLibBoard::Color [static]
LimeLibBoard::Color [static]
MagentaLibBoard::Color [static]
NavyLibBoard::Color [static]
NoneLibBoard::Color [static]
operator!=(const Color &other) const LibBoard::Color
operator<(const Color &other) const LibBoard::Color
operator==(const Color &other) const LibBoard::Color
postscript() const LibBoard::Color
PurpleLibBoard::Color [static]
RedLibBoard::Color [static]
red(unsigned char red)LibBoard::Color [inline]
red() const LibBoard::Color [inline]
setRGBf(float red, float green, float blue, float alpha=1.0)LibBoard::Color
setRGBi(const unsigned char red, const unsigned char green, const unsigned char blue, const unsigned char alpha=255)LibBoard::Color [inline]
SilverLibBoard::Color [static]
svg() const LibBoard::Color
svgAlpha(const char *prefix) const LibBoard::Color
valid() const LibBoard::Color [inline]
WhiteLibBoard::Color [static]
YellowLibBoard::Color [static]
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