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DGtal::CustomPen Struct Reference

#include <DGtalBoard.h>

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Public Member Functions

 CustomPen (const DGtalBoard::Color &penColor, const DGtalBoard::Color &fillColor, double lineWidth=1.0, DGtalBoard::Shape::LineStyle lineStyle=DGtalBoard::Shape::SolidStyle, DGtalBoard::Shape::LineCap lineCap=DGtalBoard::Shape::ButtCap, DGtalBoard::Shape::LineJoin lineJoin=DGtalBoard::Shape::MiterJoin)
virtual void selfDraw (DGtalBoard &aboard) const

Data Fields

DGtalBoard::Color myPenColor
DGtalBoard::Color myFillColor
double myLineWidth
DGtalBoard::Shape::LineStyle myLineStyle
DGtalBoard::Shape::LineCap myLineCap
DGtalBoard::Shape::LineJoin myLineJoin
int myDepth

Detailed Description

Custom style class redefining the pen attributes. You may use DGtalBoard::Color::None for transparent color.

   DGtalBoard board;
   board << CustomPen( DGtalBoard::Color::Green, DGtalBoard::Color::Black,
                       3.0 );
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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

DGtal::CustomPen::CustomPen ( const DGtalBoard::Color penColor,
const DGtalBoard::Color fillColor,
double  lineWidth = 1.0,
DGtalBoard::Shape::LineStyle  lineStyle = DGtalBoard::Shape::SolidStyle,
DGtalBoard::Shape::LineCap  lineCap = DGtalBoard::Shape::ButtCap,
DGtalBoard::Shape::LineJoin  lineJoin = DGtalBoard::Shape::MiterJoin 
) [inline]


penColor specifies the pen color.
fillColor specifies the fill color.
lineWidth specifies the width of the drawing line.
lineStyle specifies the drawing line style (SolidStyle, DashStyle, DotStyle, DashDotStyle, DashDotDotStyle, DashDotDotDotStyle )
lineCap specifies the drawing line cap (ButtCap, RoundCap, SquareCap )
lineJoin specifies the drawing line join (MiterJoin, RoundJoin, BevelJoin )

Member Function Documentation

virtual void DGtal::CustomPen::selfDraw ( DGtalBoard  )  const [inline, virtual]

Field Documentation

The depth of the shape.

Referenced by selfDraw().

The linecap attribute. (The way line terminates.)

Referenced by selfDraw().

The linejoin attribute. (The shape of line junctions.)

Referenced by selfDraw().

The line style (solid, dashed, etc.).

Referenced by selfDraw().

Referenced by selfDraw().

Referenced by selfDraw().

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