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DGtal::DrawWithBoardModifier Struct Reference

#include <DGtalBoard.h>

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Public Member Functions

std::string styleName () const
DrawableWithDGtalBoarddefaultStyle (std::string="") const
virtual void selfDraw (DGtalBoard &) const

Detailed Description

Base class specifying the methods for classes which intend to modify a DGtalBoard stream.

merge DrawableWithDGtalBoard and DrawWithBoardModifier

Member Function Documentation

DrawableWithDGtalBoard* DGtal::DrawWithBoardModifier::defaultStyle ( std::string  = ""  )  const [inline]
virtual void DGtal::DrawWithBoardModifier::selfDraw ( DGtalBoard  )  const [inline, virtual]
std::string DGtal::DrawWithBoardModifier::styleName (  )  const [inline]

Reimplemented in DGtal::CustomStyle.

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