LibBoard::TransformEPS Member List

This is the complete list of members for LibBoard::TransformEPS, including all inherited members.
_deltaXLibBoard::Transform [protected]
_deltaYLibBoard::Transform [protected]
_heightLibBoard::Transform [protected]
_scaleLibBoard::Transform [protected]
apply(double &x, double &y) const LibBoard::Transform [virtual]
mapX(double x) const LibBoard::Transform [virtual]
mapY(double y) const LibBoard::TransformEPS [virtual]
round(const double &x)LibBoard::Transform [inline, static]
rounded(double x) const LibBoard::Transform [virtual]
scale(double x) const LibBoard::Transform [virtual]
setBoundingBox(const Rect &rect, const double pageWidth, const double pageHeight, const double margin)LibBoard::TransformEPS [virtual]
Transform()LibBoard::Transform [inline]
~Transform()LibBoard::Transform [inline, virtual]
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