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DGtal::concepts::CForwardSegmentComputer< T > Struct Template Reference

#include <DGtal/geometry/curves/CForwardSegmentComputer.h>

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typedef T::Self Self
typedef T::Reverse Reverse
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typedef T::ConstIterator ConstIterator
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 BOOST_CONCEPT_USAGE (CIncrementalSegmentComputer)
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 BOOST_STATIC_ASSERT ((boost::is_same< T, Self >::value))
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Detailed Description

template<typename T>
struct DGtal::concepts::CForwardSegmentComputer< T >

Aim: Defines the concept describing a forward segment computer. Like any model of CIncrementalSegmentComputer, it can control its own extension (in the direction that is relative to the underlying iterator) so that an implicit predicate P remains true. However, contrary to models of CIncrementalSegmentComputer, it garantees that P is also true for any subrange of the whole segment at any time. This extra constraint is necessary to be able to incrementally check whether or not the segment is maximal.

Description of concept 'CForwardSegmentComputer'

Refinement of CIncrementalSegmentComputer

Associated types :



Contrary to models of CIncrementalSegmentComputer, models of CForwardSegmentComputer also garantee that for each iterator it from s.begin() to s.end(), the range [it, s.end()) is a segment such that P is true.

for ( ConstIterator it = s.begin(),
ConstIterator itEnd = s.end();
it != itEnd; ++it)
// [it, itEnd) is a segment:
bool flag = true;
while ( (s.end() != itEnd)&&(flag) ) { flag = s.extend(); }
ASSERT( flag );



Template Parameters
Tthe type that should be a model of CForwardSegmentComputer.

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