DGtal::concepts::Board3DTo2D< S, KS > Class Template Reference

#include <DGtal/io/boards/CDrawableWithBoard3DTo2D.h>

Detailed Description

template<class S, class KS>
class DGtal::concepts::Board3DTo2D< S, KS >

Aim: The concept CDrawableWithBoard3DTo2D specifies what are the classes that admit an export with Board3DTo2D.

Description of concept 'CDrawableWithBoard3DTo2D'

An object x satisfying this concept may then be used as:

Board3DTo2D display;
display << CustomStyle( x.className(), x.defaultStyle() )
<< x;

Refinement of

Associated types :



Valid expressions and semantics

Name Expression Type requirements Return type Precondition Semantics Post condition Complexity
the default draw style x.defaultStyle( m = "") mode m: std::string CDrawableWithBoard3DTo2D returns a dynamic allocation of the default style for the model X in mode m
the name of the model X x.className() std::string returns a string telling the name of the model X
the way the object x is drawn x.setStyle(CDrawableWithBoard3DTo2D &display) draws the object x on the display stream



ArimeticalDSS, FreemanChain, HyperRectDomain, ImageContainerByHashTree, ImageContainerBySTLVector, PointVector, DigitalSetBySTLSet,DigitalSetBySTLVector, Object



ImageContainerByHashTree does not implement setStyle(display &).

ImageContainerByHashTree does not implement defaultStyle(std::string&)const.

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