DGtal  1.0.0
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DGtal::detail::TangentVectorFromDCA Struct Reference

#include <DGtal/geometry/curves/estimation/SegmentComputerEstimators.h>

Public Types

typedef PointVector< 2, double > Value

Public Member Functions

template<typename DCA >
Value operator() (const typename DCA::ConstIterator &it, const DCA &aDCA) const

Detailed Description

Description of class 'TangentVectorFromDCA'

Aim: estimates the tangent at a given position from a geometricDCA.

Definition at line 891 of file SegmentComputerEstimators.h.

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Definition at line 894 of file SegmentComputerEstimators.h.

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template<typename DCA >
Value DGtal::detail::TangentVectorFromDCA::operator() ( const typename DCA::ConstIterator it,
const DCA &  aDCA 
) const


tangent at it
itposition where the estimation has to be done
aDCAan instance of segment computer devoted to the DCA recognition.
Template Parameters
DCAa model of segment computer devoted to the DCA recognition, basically geometricDCA.
See also

Definition at line 912 of file SegmentComputerEstimators.h.

914  {
915  NormalVectorFromDCA f;
916  Value normal = f(it, aDCA);
917  return Value( normal[1], normal[0] );
918  }

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