DGtal  1.1.0
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DGtal::ClippingPlane Struct Reference

Class for adding a Clipping plane through the Viewer3D stream. Realizes the concept CDrawableWithViewer3D. More...

#include <DGtal/io/DrawWithDisplay3DModifier.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ClippingPlane (double a, double b, double c, double d, bool drawPlane=true)
double * getEquation ()
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std::string className () const

Data Fields

double myA
double myB
double myC
double myD
bool myDrawPlane

Detailed Description

Class for adding a Clipping plane through the Viewer3D stream. Realizes the concept CDrawableWithViewer3D.

geometry/volumes/distance/exampleFMM3D.cpp, io/boards/dgtalBoard3D-6-clipping.cpp, io/viewers/viewer3D-6-clipping.cpp, topology/3dBorderExtraction.cpp, topology/3dBorderExtractionImg.cpp, and tutorial-examples/volDTGranulo.cpp.

Definition at line 156 of file DrawWithDisplay3DModifier.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ClippingPlane()

DGtal::ClippingPlane::ClippingPlane ( double  a,
double  b,
double  c,
double  d,
bool  drawPlane = true 

Definition at line 161 of file DrawWithDisplay3DModifier.h.

162  : myA( a ), myB( b ), myC( c ), myD ( d ), myDrawPlane(drawPlane)
163  {}

Member Function Documentation

◆ getEquation()

double* DGtal::ClippingPlane::getEquation ( )

Field Documentation

◆ myA

double DGtal::ClippingPlane::myA

Definition at line 166 of file DrawWithDisplay3DModifier.h.

◆ myB

double DGtal::ClippingPlane::myB

Definition at line 167 of file DrawWithDisplay3DModifier.h.

◆ myC

double DGtal::ClippingPlane::myC

Definition at line 168 of file DrawWithDisplay3DModifier.h.

◆ myD

double DGtal::ClippingPlane::myD

Definition at line 169 of file DrawWithDisplay3DModifier.h.

◆ myDrawPlane

bool DGtal::ClippingPlane::myDrawPlane

Definition at line 170 of file DrawWithDisplay3DModifier.h.

The documentation for this struct was generated from the following file:
double myB
Definition: DrawWithDisplay3DModifier.h:167
double myD
Definition: DrawWithDisplay3DModifier.h:169
double myC
Definition: DrawWithDisplay3DModifier.h:168
double myA
Definition: DrawWithDisplay3DModifier.h:166
bool myDrawPlane
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