DGtal  1.2.0
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DGtal::Translate2DDomain Struct Reference

class to modify the data of an given image and also the possibility to translate it (optional). More...

#include <DGtal/io/viewers/DrawWithViewer3DModifier.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Translate2DDomain (unsigned int anIndex, double translateX=0, double translateY=0, double translateZ=0)
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std::string className () const
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std::string className () const

Data Fields

unsigned int myIndex
int myTranslateX
int myTranslateY
int myTranslateZ

Detailed Description

class to modify the data of an given image and also the possibility to translate it (optional).

Definition at line 413 of file DrawWithViewer3DModifier.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Translate2DDomain()

DGtal::Translate2DDomain::Translate2DDomain ( unsigned int  anIndex,
double  translateX = 0,
double  translateY = 0,
double  translateZ = 0 

Constructor given from an specific image index, a new image (should be of dimension 2 and with the same size than the orginal), and a possible (optional translation).

anIndexthe index of the image to be modified (should be less than the number of image added in the current Viewer3D).
translateXthe x translation value.
translateYthe y translation value.
translateZthe y translation value.

Definition at line 427 of file DrawWithViewer3DModifier.h.

428  : myIndex(anIndex),
429  myTranslateX (translateX),
430  myTranslateY (translateY),
431  myTranslateZ (translateZ)
432  { }

Field Documentation

◆ myIndex

unsigned int DGtal::Translate2DDomain::myIndex

Definition at line 434 of file DrawWithViewer3DModifier.h.

◆ myTranslateX

int DGtal::Translate2DDomain::myTranslateX

Definition at line 435 of file DrawWithViewer3DModifier.h.

◆ myTranslateY

int DGtal::Translate2DDomain::myTranslateY

Definition at line 436 of file DrawWithViewer3DModifier.h.

◆ myTranslateZ

int DGtal::Translate2DDomain::myTranslateZ

Definition at line 437 of file DrawWithViewer3DModifier.h.

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