Beside the DGtal presentation at DGCI 2011, we are pleased to announce a new DGtal release 0.3.0. New features:

  • User-guide added (based on doxygen system)
  • Kernel: new concepts and controls to enhance the Interger type management, new iterators (Range/SubRange) on HyperRectDomains.
  • Topology: interpixel model added (cells, boundary tracking mechanisms,…)
  • Geometry 2D: 2D curve primitive decomposition, tangential cover, convexity/concavity decomposition.
  • Geometry nD: reverse Euclidean distance transformation
  • Visualisation: stream mechanism to visualize 3D DGtal objects with libQGLViewer (optional)
  • Shape generator factory added in nD

BugFixes, enhancements:

  • Many bugs have been fixed for this release.
  • cmake DGtal dependency checking process is more stable now

Known problems:

  • For technical reasons, we haven’t be able to verify that this release also compile on Windows Visual Studio systems (see ticket #87). A new release will fix this problem as soon as possible.
  • All open tickets