Dear all, We are pleased to announce the release of the version 0.9 of the DGtal library and its DGtalTools ( As usual, the Changelog is huge and we encourage you to have a look to it  (see link below), see « New features, critical changes » , «  Changes » and « Bug fixes » sections). However, we would like to emphasize several things: - the DEC package that was introduced in 0.8 has been considerably optimized and enhanced. The API and operator names have slightly changed to improve consistency. - many new features in the geometry package: convex-hulls/alphashapes in 2D, DSS union in log-time, 3D-DSS recognition, lambda-MST in 2D and 3D, - as usual, new container for digital sets based on hashed containers (many DGtal tools get 20-50% speedup), new mathematical tools, better I/O, better visualization tools with possible interactions, less issues, better documentation … - plenty of new tools in the DGtalTools repository ( sliceViewer, converter tools (itk, heightmap,…), bug fixes … DGtal is a generic open source library for Digital Geometry programming for which the main objective is to structure different developments from the digital geometry and topology community. Links ~~~~ - DGtal 0.9 : - Complete changelog: - DGtal 0.9 DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.31884 - DGtalTools 0.9 : - Complete changelog: - DGtalTools 0.9 DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.31882 - Documentation: - Tutorials: - Documentation docket URL (for dash or zeal tools): Sincerely yours, DGtal Team