DGtal + Polyscope

Polyscope is a great C++ viewer and user interface for the rapid prototyping and debugging of 3D geometric algorithms. [Read More]

DGtal 1.0

Quick notice, after about 10 years of developments, we are very proud to announce the DGtal 1.0 release. [Read More]

New Website

The DGtal website has been updated to a more modern and responsive site. [Read More]


We are releasing a version of DGtal. The changelog only contains a bug fix in the rendering of latex math formatting in the documentation (mathjax). [Read More]

Dgtal 0.9.4

We are pleased to announce the release 0.9.4 of DGtal and its associated projects, DGtalTools and DGtalTools-contrib ( It has been awhile between the previous release and this one but many new features have been added beside a huge set of enhancements and bugfixes (see full Changelogs below): [Read More]